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Send & deliver flowers to Cape Town, South Africa and world wide

The trained staff of Special Occasions of Wynberg(Cape Town) specialize in flower delivery and the arrangement of flowers for all occasions - including parties, functions, weddings and funerals. We buy our flowers directly from the flower markets and flower farms and can thus offer the best quality at the lowest price.

As an Interflora florist we deliver and arrange for delivery of flowers in South Africa and world wide. Orders are accepted online from
our South-African catalogue(click on the "Home" button to access this page), from where the catalogues for the United Kingdom,
the USA, Europe, the rest of Africa and Australia and New Zealand can also be accessed.

An arrangement of flowers is always appreciated, bringing fragrance, light and colour into any room, Flowers bring joy to everyone who sees it. Colours in a flower arrangement can be subtle or strident. Flowers can calm or excite, lift the spirits or induce tranquility. All flowers are beautiful but fresh flowers have a particular vibrance and style. The language of flowers often speak louder than words. Giving a gift of flowers, specially chosen for their particular meaning is a wonderful way to express an emotion. Red roses are the flowers that speaks of love. White flowers like white lilies or white roses mean pureness. There is a flower suitable for every occasion. Flowers arranged in any style or just a simple bunch of flowers given as a gift is always highly appreciated.

Flowers are used for decorative purposes at variety of events. At a wedding flowers and candles play major part in decorating the church and the venue for the reception. Large flower arrangements in the church and flowers on the pew ends make the whole church ceremony a happy occasion. A venue decorated with flowers forms a colourful display with sweet smelling flowers in free-standing arrangements, arrangements on the tables and on flower stands.

 Flowers are a source of joy to ill people. Everyone in hospital enjoy receiving an arrangement of flowers. Flowers are appropriate gifts for every occasion.

Funeral and Sympathy flowers Cape Town

Flowers are used at funerals for wreaths and coffin sprays. Single flowers like roses are put on the coffin of a loved one lost in death. There is a difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers that should be understood before placing an order.

Sympathy flowers are sent to homes, or flowers in the form of a bouquet can be carried while attending the funeral service. If you are planning to send a floral arrangement to the residence and not to the funeral parlor you need to select a sympathy flower arrangement that conveys your feeling without being pretentious. The size of the sympathy flower arrangement depends upon the place of delivery and also your relationship with the deceased and their family. If you have lost a close friend a large floral arrangement may be sent or if the deceased is just a mere acquaintance than you can decide on a smaller floral tribute. Sympathy flower arrangements could be small that can be placed on a table or at the entrance of the house. Funeral flower arrangements are much bigger in size as they should be visible from all the parts of the church, no matter where you are standing or sitting.

Sympathy flowers should be delivered to the funeral home or church before the visitation time starts.  Also, if you are close to the family member of the deceased, then it would be advisable to have the sympathy flowers delivered to their home. A person's nationality and traditions should also be kept in mind when ordering sympathy flowers; in Italy and the UK flowers are delivered usually to funeral homes and not residences as they are considered a bad omen. In some religions such as Buddhism and Judaism, floral arrangements are not preferred as they cause distractions during prayers. 

It is also important to select the appropriate flower and colour while ordering a bouquet. In order to show your respect for the deceased or the grieving family, choose a bouquet that can generate positive memories. Each flower conveys a special message; roses are for loved ones whereas lilies represent elegance. While white is the most favored color used in designing funeral flower arrangements, you can select any other appropriate color that best conveys your feelings. Sympathy floral arrangements could also be created using white chrysanthemums, or can be an assorted mix of colorful buds. The colour of the flowers should be in accordance with the traditions followed by the family. In many countries, such as Japan, only white flowers are used during funerals. A professional florist will be able to guide you in the selection of an appropriate floral arrangement if you are not sure about the religious beliefs and traditions of the deceased. Traditionally white, lilac and other pastel shades are used for making sympathy flower arrangements but you can create a bouquet by mixing and matching differently coloured flowers. Colours that can be included in the ordered arrangement are blue (symbols of peace) and yellow (symbols of friendship)

Request the florist to send a sympathy card along with your floral arrangement. It may be tough in times of grief to think of the right words to say but a short note of support should do. Heartfelt personalized messages are much appreciated by the family in these tough times.

 Funeral floral wreaths can be in the shape of a cross, heart, circle or even a motorcycle, truck or a playboy bunny. Floral letter wreaths spelling out the name DAD, MOM or the name of the deceased are also popular. It can be personalized with names and/or a message on the ribbon.

Sympathy flowers could be a mixture of different seasonal flowers arranged in a vase or a basket and you can still offer condolences to the family by sending them appropriate sympathy flowers even months after the funeral.

Personalized sympathy flowers and letter wreaths

Oval wreath Cape Town florist Personalized funeral flowers - round wreath from a Cape Town florist Heart shaped personalized wreath - funeral flowers in Cape Town, South Africa Cross shaped wreath - send personalized funeral flowers in the Cape Town area Round personalized wreath on a flower stand - funeral flowers in Cape Town
Cross wreath with message banner Cape Town florist Personalized funeral flowers - multicoloured heart wreath from a Cape Town florist Floral letter wreath - funeral flowers in Cape Town, South Africa Floral letter wreath for DAD - send personalized funeral flowers in the Cape Town area Playboy bunny funeral floral wreath - funeral flowers in Cape Town

 To obtain a quote for personalized sympathy flowers and letter wreaths, wedding or function flowers contact us to allow the florists at Special Occasions to assist you to say it with flowers in the Cape Town area.

Although they are based in Wynberg, Cape Town, Special Occasions florist send and deliver flowers throughout South Africa and arrange flower delivery world wide via Interflora.